Frequently Asked Questions

Hit us up via email or @StartersHQ, we'd love to chat and answer any other questions!

Iā€™m intrigued, what's going on here? šŸ¤”

Starters was founded with the intention of connecting stake holders in sports and technology, starting off as a simple Slack community, in just under a year its grown to what it is today. We are 1000+ strong and growing every single day, connecting sports tech professionals from around the world and empowering our members to solve problems in sports by thinking differently and leveraging innovative technology.

Who's involved with Starters?

Starters consists of startup founders, investors, creators, designers, writers, developers, industry analyst, and everyone in between. #WeAreStarters

How do I become a Starters member? šŸŒŸ

There are two way to become an Starters member:

Receive an invite - If you're lucky enough to know a current Starters member, they may have a spare invite they can give you.

Apply to Join - You can apply to join Starters, and we will review your application as soon as we can!

Who can apply to join Starters?

Everyone is welcome to apply to the Starters community. Our goal is to bring in anyone who has a passion for innovating within sports and is actively working in either sports, technology, or the intersection of the two. So if you're working on something in that area, we're more than excited to have you be part of this community!

Why do you limit access?

Starters is a community of people who are all engaged and active in the sports tech industry, they are also motivated to create a valuable community. Although exclusivity is not our intention, in order to maintain the quality of members, the conversations, and the information that passes through our vibrant community we have to limit membership.

How do I post a article to the Starters community page?

To post articles, you must be a Starters member. We do this to ensure the highest quality of the posts on Starters, so you when you go to our community page, you are finding the most relevant and engaging content.

How do I post my company on the Starters sports tech database?

In order to post your company on the sports tech database you must be a Starters member.

How do I get listed in the Member directory?

Here are the 3 things required to show up in the directory right now:

  • 1. You are a Starters member šŸŒŸ
  • 2. You have a profile picture (uploaded yourself or pulled in from twitter) šŸ“ø
  • 3. You have set your location so we can display a marker for you on the map šŸ—ŗ

What is StartersTV?

Your inside look at the front lines of innovation in sports. Follow us on Snapchat at @StartersTV You can learn more about StartersTV here.